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RV Rental Terms & Condition

Summary of Rental Conditions ( For longterm Rental please look our Long Terms and Condition Terms
This document contains a brief summary of our rental conditions. The full details of our rental contract do apply. Rates quoted are in US dollars.

  Rates Include:
• 100 free miles a day
• Vehicle Consultation
• Vehicle pep kit $160 mandatory
• 24 hour roadside assistance
• Extra Driver Fees
• Standard Liability of US$1,000
• Public Liability Insurance
• Camping Guide

Additional Products:
These additional items are available for hire and are payable upon pick up:
•           Care Free Package - US$269 per rental
( USA CAMPER is cleaning the Vehicle inside and outside, we refill Propane, we refill Water and empty the waste tank) ($269.00)
•           Personal Kit - US$60 per person
•           500 mile packages are available at a cost of - US$150
•           Child seat - US$50 per rental
•           Camping Table - US$10 per rental
•           BBQ - US$20 per rental
•           Firewood - US$10 per bundel
•           Camping chair - US$10 per rental
•           Bike -  US$165 each per rental
•           Bike rack - US$75 per rental
•           VIP Insurance -  US$15per day
•           SLI Insurance -  US$15.95 per day + 10USD prcessing fee
•           GPS - US$99 per rental

Additional miles will be charged at US$0.38 per mile plus local tax.500 mile packages are available at a cost of $150. Mileage packages must be prepaid before departure. There is no refund for any unused miles. Excess miles are charged at $0.38 per mile.

Discounts ( This Discount cannot combined with early bird discount)
61+ 120 nights – 5% off above rates
• Multiple rentals are eligible for the long-term discount
• There are other long-term discounts available (request only)

There is a minimum of 14 rental days for one-way rentals.
There is a minimum of 7 rental days in the low season
There is a minimum of 14 rental days in the high season

Booking Changes
One free change per booking up to 60 days prior to pick up, any additional modification of reservations is subject to a USD 20.00 handling fee.
There are no exceptions to this rule. The following situations are classified as booking modification:
- Change of date for vehicle pick-up or drop-off - minimum notice 30 days before arriving
- Change of location (depot) for vehicle pick-up or drop-off is an fee of 150USD -minimum notice 30 days before arriving
- Change of vehicle category - minimum notice 30 days before arriving
- any change 29 before arriving extra cost will apply.

Rental Extension
If the customer wishes to extend the rental whilst on hire, they must first obtain authorization from USA Camper RV Reservations who will advise of the additional costs. Rental extension is subject to fleet availability. The extra cost (Gross Rate) of an extended rental must be paid by credit card trough PayPal. Client don’t need a PayPal account. A fee of 4% will be added for payment with credit card.

Rental Charges
Rental Charges are calculated on a 24-hour periods. Starting the day 0.00am.

Branch Hours
USA Camper RV branches are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, and Saturday from 9am to 11am. Branches will be closed Sundays and the following public holidays:
•           Memorial Day
•           Independence Day
•           Labor Day
•           Thanksgiving Day
•           Christmas Eve -
•           Christmas Day
•           Christmas Day
•           New Year's Eve
•           New Year Day

Vehicle Collection and Return
• Pick-up time on Monday to Friday is between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM
• Pick-up time on Saturday is between 9am and 11am
• Drop off Time is between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM Monday to Saturday

Vehicles must be collected and returned to our branches.

Shuttle Service & Transportation
We offer a complimentary shuttle service from Los Angeles Airport and all Airport hotels with an radius form 5miles.
A priority shuttle service scheduling will be granted to customers that have supplied the pick-up hotel information at least 72 hours in advance. To avoid waiting times and/or to confirm shuttle service ALL international customers shall call the rental station immediately upon to schedule the pick-up time.
Toll Free (800) 494-5159

  • Clients must call the rental station upon arrival or to schedule the transfer time and place.
  • Clients can pick up the vehicle the day they arrive from overseas or trans-continental if they have his own transportation (rental car or super shuttle) and they arrive before 3pm on our Branch.
  • Transfers are provided 
    • Los Angeles LAX – to Yucaipa
  • In San Francisco the picked up is in Millbrae Bart Station or all Airports hotel in south San Francisco there is no pickup in downtown SFO
  • Pick up in Las Vegas / San Diego / Phoenix we deliver the Vehicle to any Hotel in these City’s  between 10am and 1pm at the latest. We cannot store in these city’s any luggage.
  • The complimentary permitted amount of luggage is in accordance with the airline regulations (2 suitcases @ 50 pds / 23 kgs plus 2 pieces of hand luggage per person).

Transfer & Distances to/USA CAMPER RV station:

  • Los Angeles Intl Airport (LAX) & hotels - 80 miles - free transfer
  • Marina Del Rey | Venice - 90 miles - $75 per trip
  • Santa Monica - 90 miles - $75 per trip
  • Downtown Los Angeles - 70 miles; $75 per trip
  • Burbank Airport - 80 miles; $75 per trip
  • Anaheim | Disneyland - 60 miles - $60 per trip
  • San Francisco
    Millbrae Bart Station or all Airports hotel in South San Francisco
    Millbrae Station 200 North Rollins Road / Millbrae, CA 94030
    - See more at:

    Las Vegas
    We deliver to all Hotels in Las Vegas
    San Diego
    We deliver to all Air port Hotels in San Diego
    We deliver to all Air port Hotels in Phoenix

    Vehicle Drop Off
    Drop Off time is between 9:00 AM and 11.00 AM
    A charge of US$50/hour applies for a late vehicle return.We offer a free Shuttle to San Bernardino Metro link this public Transportation is connected to the LAX Airport.

    We like to advice for the transfer form Yucaipa to take the Metro link to the Union Station and form there with a Bus Flyaway to LAX –

    We offer a pre reservation for the Client a one-way rental car to drop-off in LAX

    Transfers are provided 

      • From Yucaipa – San Bernardino Metro Link
      • From Yucaipa – Ontario Airport ( Car rental)
      • From Yucaipa – any Ontario Airport hotel

    Drop off in:
    San Francisco
    Millbrae Bart Station or all Airports hotel in South San Francisco ..
    Millbrae Station
    200 North Rollins Road / Millbrae, CA 94030
    - See more at:

    Las Vegas
    We pick up from all Hotels in Las Vegas and Terminal 1 Remote/Oversize Vehicle parking is located on Gilespie Road, across the street from the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center.  Vehicles more than 22 feet long and 8 ½ ft. wide, or more than 13 ½ ft. high must use Oversize/Remote.  Courtesy shuttle service is available to Terminal 1. Map available at :

    San Diego
    We pick up from Hotels in San Diego
    And SDIA Long Term Lot 1 - Harbor Drive (formerly known as SAN Park Harbor Drive)
    3015 North Harbor Drive / San Diego, CA 92101(1326 Parking Stalls)

    We pick up oversize parking International Airport in Phoenix
    Over height or oversize parking is available in the uncovered economy parking areas and Oversized Vehicle parking area east of Terminal 4.
    Map available at

    One-way fee
    We deliver all Units from Los Angeles to following location San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, (Seattle and Vancouver only on request and minimum 40 rental days) There is no fee for LAX – LAX. There is a minimum of 14 rental days for one-way rentals.



    LAX 0 $450 $450 $450 $450 $1000 $1000
    LAS $450 $450 $450 $650 $650 $1000 $1000
    PHX $450 $450 $450 $750 $550 $1200 $1200
    SFO $450 $650 $750 $450 $650 $800 $800
    SAN $450 $650 $550 $650 $450 $1400 $1400
    SEA $1000 $1000 $1200 $800 $1200 $350 $350
    VYR $1000 $1000 $1200 $800 $1200 $350 $350

    Payment for rental charges and other charges must be received 45 days prior to departure. On Request USA Camper RV will accept credit card payment (4% fee). If payments are not received when due, USA CAMPER RV reserves the right If payments are not received when due to cancel the reservation without notice. Payment can be made by international wire transfer USA CAMPER RV. If the client pays directly USA Camper RV pays for the wire fees. Without payment in "full" the RV will not be released to the customer.

    USA CAMPER RV requires a security deposit of US$1,000.00 at the time of pickup.
    This deposit can be paid in Cash in Euro/ Pound/ Dollar or can be wired in our German bank account.
    We do not except Credit Cards for deposit.

    Administration Fees / Taxes
    Taxes a charge of 10% of the total cost ( is prepaid)

    Credit Cards
    AMEX, VISA and MasterCard are not accepted. (Only on request 4% fee)

    Driver’s License and Minimum Age
    A current and full motor vehicle driver’s license is required. If the driver’s license is not in the English language then an international driver’s license is also recommended. An accredited English translation will be accepted in lieu of an international driving permit. The driver’s license must have been held for at least two years and be valid for the whole length of the rental. The original driver’s license must be shown at time of pick-up when the driver is present. Drivers must be 25 years of age or over.

    Vehicle Preparation Fee  
    A fee of $160 applies on collection of the vehicle to cover the vehicle preparation and equipment. This includes all pre-cleaning and mechanical servicing, 1st tank of propane gas and vehicle kit (pots, pans, crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, broom and dust bin).

    Campground Guides
    Each vehicle is supplied with complimentary road maps and campground guides.

    Vehicle Consultation
    On pick up of the vehicle our staff will provide a complimentary vehicle consultation. This includes an explanation of all the interior and exterior features of the vehicle as well as driving tips.

    Travel Restrictions
    Traveling into Mexico is permitted request only, client have to provide their own insurance.
    Traveling into Mexico client has no coverage for breakdowns’ the client is full responsible.
    Death Valley
    Traveling into Death Valley is not permitted between May 15th and September 15th.
    Alaska/ Canada:
    Traveling within Alaska, Yukon and/or NWT (North West Territories) is permitted. USA Camper RV must be advised at the time of reservation. Customers have to provide their own insurance.
    Traveling into Alaska/ Canada client has no coverage for breakdowns’ the client is full responsible.Other Private-, gravel-, dirt- or logging roads and other non-public roads, beaches, etc. are prohibited.
    Burning Man Festival:
    can be driven to The Burning Man Festival as long as written permission is obtained from USA CAMPER prior to travel.
    For any violation an additional surcharge of $1000 will apply - No exceptions
    An additional Burning Man Surcharge of USD 1000.00 per rental applies for ALL SFO pickups
    An additional Burning Man Surcharge of USD 500.00 per rental applies for ALL LAS & LAX pickups
    USA CAMPER RV will hold the customer fully responsible for accidents or mechanical breakdowns occurring in a travel restricted area! Insurance coverage will be void in case of violation!

    Change of Drop Off Destination
    If the renter wishes to change the drop off destination after the rental has commenced, they first must obtain authorization from the USA Camper RV Head Office. Subject to the change being approved, a minimum additional charge of $600 will apply.

    It may happen that small repairs are required. Repairs up to $50 may be affected without authorization and will be reimbursed unless the damage is caused by the renter. For amounts over $50, USA Camper RV will need to be informed in advance. All vehicles are covered for 24hr emergency roadside assistance.

    Infringements and Administration Fees
    USA Camper RV reserves the right to charge the renter for any speeding, toll way or parking fines not reported on return of the vehicle. In addition to these costs, USA Camper RV reserves the right to charge for associated administration costs for processing the fines (irrespective of excess). An administration fee of $75 per fine will be applicable.

    Change Of Vehicle
    Should the vehicle booked be unavailable through unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to substitute an alternative vehicle without prior notification and at no extra cost. This shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the renter to a refund.

    Vehicle Category
    Vehicles cannot be requested by make or model, only by vehicle category.

    Voluntary Downgrade
    Should the renter decide to take a lesser vehicle than booked within 14 days of pick up or during the rental then they will not be entitled to any refund.

    Limit of Liability
    In the event of no alternative vehicle being available to the renter our liability is limited to a refund of the hire charge or in the case of mechanical failure (unless caused by the renter) the remainder of the hire period.

    We reserve the right to refuse any rental at our discretion.

    Service dogs are permitted to travel in our vehicles with prior permission from USA Camper RV. No other animals are permitted in our vehicles.

    Smoking is not allowed in our vehicles.

    Deal Specials
    Full payment required at the time of booking.

    Prepay Option
    At the time of booking the total rental can be prepaid

    Travel Insurance
    We strongly recommend that renters ensure they take out the highest level of Travel Insurance.

    Public Liability Insurance
    The public liability insurance is included in the nightly rental rate. USA Camper RV is insured for damages to third parties and/or their property. The public liability insurance that covers the registered drivers is only up to the statutory limit as stipulated by law of the State you are in at the time. This insurance amount is normally very low.

    Supplemental Liability Insurance (Optional)
    Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) - may be purchased for an additional fee of 15.95USD per day . SLI provides the customer and any authorized driver on the rental contract with an increased limit of liability protection for up to US$1,000,000 toward 3rd party damage claims.

    Property Damage
    The renter is responsible up to the amount of $1,000 for the cost of damage to the rented Vehicle. The renter is also responsible for the cost of demurrage for the period the Vehicle is unavailable due to repairs. The Liability is applicable regardless of who is at fault and must be paid at the time the accident is reported to USA Camper RV, not at the completion of the rental Period. In addition to the Liability an administration fee of $75 will be charged per claim.

    Standard Liability
    USA Camper RV’s rental charge includes a Standard Liability of $1,000.
    A Deposit of $1,000 will be collected at the time of entering into the Rental Contract.
    This deposit can be paid in Cash in Euro/ Pound/ Dollar or can be wired in our German bank account.
    We do not except Credit Cards for deposit.

    Premium VIP Coverage VIP
    Vacation Interruption Protection US$15a Day
    VIP includes secondary Comprehensive and Collision coverage for the rented vehicle with a deductible (liability) of US$500 per incident.
    Coverage includes but is not limited to:
    •           Accidental damages to the vehicle (renters or third party's fault)
    •           Windshield & Glass Damage
    •           Vehicle Theft & Fire (personal property and items in the vehicles are always excluded)
    •           Vandalism

    Basic Insurance
    (included in daily rental)


    VIP Insurance $15/day only $500 Deducetbile


    Fire & theft (Personal Contents Not Covered) $1.000 $0
    Windshield & glass Damage $1.000 $0
    Motor Vehicle Accident (also involving wildlife) / Vandalism /
    Hit & Run / Hail / Storm
    $1.000 $500
    Vehicle Accident protection against uninsured motorists $1.000 $0
    SECURITY DEPOSIT $1,000 $1,000


    Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
    This Option can be purchased through ELVIA Selbstbehalt-Ausschluss CDW. We also offer a this insurance directly to the client
    CDW protects against:
    - Accidental damages
    - Windscreen (1 windscreen covered per rental)
    - Protection against theft and vandalism
    - Protection against uninsured motorists

    Damage NOT covered by Insurance
    Negligent Damage. Customer assumes unlimited responsibility for Negligent Damage. "Negligent Damage" refers to accidents caused as a result of Driver's negligence and includes but is not limited to:
    Accidents occurring off public roads.
    Accidents occurring while backing up or parking without a guide.
    Damage caused by freezing of the vehicle's systems
    Deliberate or willful damage caused by renter or guests.
    Interior damages caused by renter or guests.
    Failure to maintain all fluid levels or follow proper operating procedures.
    Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other controlled substances.
    Traveling in restricted areas.
    Overloading the vehicle and exceeding the carrying or tow capacity.
    Carrying more passengers than having seat belts available.
    Failure to use specified fuel.
    Operation by anyone under 25 years or over 79 years of age unless approved by USA CAMPER RV.
    Damages and accidents caused during breach of rental contract or use of rented vehicle for illegal activities.

    A deposit of $1000.can be paid in Cash in Euro/ Pound/ Dollar or can be wired in our German bank account.
    We do not except Credit Cards for deposit. The deposit is fully refundable when the vehicle is returned to the correct location on time, is full of fuel and all other terms of the Rental Contract have been complied with. If there is damage to the vehicle on its return, the Deposit will be used to cover the cost of such damage up to the amount of the relevant Liability. However, if the terms of the Rental Contract are breached and the deposit is insufficient to cover the damage then any extra cost will be charged. Deposit Roll Over’s are permitted for USA Camper RV multi hires only within the same Country when the deposit is banked.

    Expenses are covered in the event of a mechanical breakdown requiring the vehicle to be in repair for more than 48 working hours as follows:
    USA CAMPER RV, the Renter will be reimbursed for the greater of: (i) the gross daily rate or: (ii) expenses for hotel rooms up to US $25.00 per person per night and car rental up to US $50.00 per day per motor home to a maximum of US $1,500.00 per tour. Receipts for all incurred expenses must be presented for refund. Defects on Radio / CD / TV / DVD / GPS, generator, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, cruise control, awning, slide-out malfunction, etc. are not considered to be mechanical breakdowns and excluded from refunds.
    Client refund or reimbursement requests must be received in writing with all supporting documentation no later than 45 days after rental return to be eligible for compensation consideration.

    Maintenance and Use Responsibility
    Client is responsible for routine maintenance while traveling (checking coolant, oil, tire pressure, etc.), as well as immediately reporting mechanical failures. Clients may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence of operation and /or performing normal maintenance. Tools for vehicle repair and tire change are not provided since clients are not authorized to make repairs.

    Full Responsibility
    At all times the renter is responsible for:
    • Damage caused where the terms of Rental Contract have been breached.
    • Damage caused by negligence.
    • Damage caused to the Vehicle in any way by part or total water submersion or salt water.
    • Damage caused due to a single vehicle roll over.
    • Damage caused to the Vehicle by the renter’s wilful conduct.
    • Damage caused to the Vehicle when using the Vehicle in contravention of any legislation or regulation controlling vehicular traffic.
    • Damage or loss caused to any personal belongings.
    • Damage caused due to use of incorrect or contaminated fuel.
    • Damage to the awning, slide out, overhead or underbody of the Vehicle.

    Cancellation Fees
    If cancelled up to 45 days prior to rental date 20 % of rental price at least US$ 300.00 will not be refunded
    If cancelled 44 to 40 days prior to rental date - 50% of rental price
    If cancelled 39 to 15 days prior to rental date - 75% of rental price
    If cancelled 14 to 0 days prior to rental date or no show - 100% of rental price/deposit will be kept

    Are subject to change without notice.

    Download Terms and Condition downloadand Terms and Condition longterm rental download
    Rates/Terms/Conditions are subject to change without notice.

    Contact Details

    Am besten erreichen sie uns unter der Email info at usacamperrv dot de oder nuzten sie eines unsere Anfrageformulare


    Telephone: +1-909-939-6150
    E-mail: info @ usacamperrv dot de

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